Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Egypt We Go

Before studying creation we are jumping ahead to Egypt so when we go back to Creation we will hopefully see a bigger picture. Errrr, I think. Anyway, I have majorly balked at teaching the Ancient World because (excuse coming) other than Biblical spots ( i know, I know it's all wrapped together) I really have no desire. But the children must still learn! Even if I never learned any of it, maybe that's another reason (excuse). Note to self- maybe you're feeling out of your comfort zone- ouch! Did I just write that?
The good thing is my Chickadees are totally wanting this! They are gobbling it up and know more than I'll ever know about Egypt (yes I'm studying with them- but they read even further than I do). We are doing this unit study style so there are plenty of projects.

Last week we made cookie maps and drew pictures of pyramids and sphinxes.

This week we made crowns that stand for a United Egypt (that would Upper and Lower Egypt after a Pharaoh Narmer conquered a brought both kingdoms together- see I'm learning something)

The red crown is for Lower Egypt and white for Upper Egypt.

Also, did you know that a Pharaoh could be man or woman? She's a pretty tough looking cookie!

And finally, did you know that whether you were male or female you must wear a fake beard and tail in public for ceremonies? Farm Girl wore hers most of the afternoon. All crowns , whatever the region had a cobra on the front to signify wisdom. Usually silver, but you get the idea.

Today was a big day because we also made Cartouches (car-toosh ). They would write a person's name in hieroglyphics on them. Then they would be worn or hung on a wall.

And as if that were not enough! We tried our hands at pyramids, clay doll and horses that children long ago would have played with.

Happy Schooling!


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Tina said...

great job, ladies! looks like you're having some fun amongst all that TOG!