Friday, August 7, 2009

Frugal Rain?

Okay, this is a rather silly but (i feel) a frugal tip. Rain. The Lord's water faucet. His way of refreshing the world and giving it a good drink!Errrrrrrrrr a bath?

I have to admit I was a bit surprised when Superman broke out the shampoo last Saturday afternoon. See, I look stunned!

Everyone thought that was neat and decided to give it a try. I wonder in Laura Ingalls would yell, "Manly it's raining. Get a hunk of soap!" I prefer to think back to the pioneers and what they went through and might have thought. Superman was concerned it was a bit to backwoods, dare He say Redneck! Hey, he started it:)

Here on the suburban farm we use a rain barrel. I never thought I would do something so "earth friendly", but being in 4-H has given us that opportunity. We would actually have more if we had gutters! Our barrel stores about 60 gallons of water. You can get them smaller and prettier. We went through 4-H and took a class. The total cost was $35 and have we used it over the last year!

I 'm a bit more refined. The water coming off the roof was a great massage!
(We didn't use the rain barrel for washing ourselves etc. It can get a bit mucky at times)

I usually water the front beds (we are under heavy watering restrictions most of the time), but I've also hooked up a hose and watered of veggie garden. One of the best outdoor investments we've made!
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Don't forget to take a break and play in the rain with the ones you love!


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I have been wanting to get a rain barrel for some time now.


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Tina said...

we call those "Billy Baths" Whenever we get good rain...I'm so there! Why not save on a shower or two...or five!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you did not give the full story. You are making us look even more redneck than we are. It was a very hot day before the rain, heat index was at least 105. I had just finished mowing the lawn just before it started to rain. I was very dirty, sweaty, and hot. Superman

4funnyboys said...

This cracks me up!!!!