Saturday, August 15, 2009

New School Year!

Well I tried up loading our daily schedule for the world to see, but it said it was corrupt and/ or unreadable. I pray we have more ease in following it!

Highlights in learning this year:

Little Chef- 100 easy lessons, Saxon 1st grade (half year w/ Urban Girl), Tapestry of Grace y1, science readers (on tape) and Moody science videos

Farm Girl - Spelling Power, English from the Roots Up, R&S English, Saxon 3, Tapestry of Grace y1, oral reading w/ Urban Girl, La Clase Devertida w/ School Girl, Johnathan Park Aquarium and Zoo series and Moody Science videos

School Girl- Spelling Power, English from the Roots Up, R&S English, Saxon 6th grade w/ Dive, Tapestry of Grace y1, Observing God's World (science), La Clase Devertida (Spanish)

Urban Girl- Beyond Phonics, English from the Roots Up, Notgrass' World History- Literature, Writing and Bible, Apologia Chemistry (yikes!), Math -U- See Review all Algebra and go from there..., Health (AO), Driver's Ed, and help with little girls

All - together Bible and Hymns/praise and worship songs to start our mornings off!

Extra curricular: 4-H garden, speech club, chess club, TWIGS and work.

So that's it! Crazy.... I know, but somehow it all comes together by the Grace of my God. May He show us what He truly wants us to learn this year and that we take it into our hearts and minds so that we can grow greater in knowledge and understanding of Him and the wonderful world He has created.

Happy School Year Everyone!


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