Monday, August 24, 2009

the chickadees are begging me...

The girls are begging me to post. I've got nothing, nada, zip, zilch...
We have been hitting the new school year hard and I feel that's all I know how to talk about.

I could talk about my reasons for liking a mixture of text books and unit studies. If you don't homeschool you may be bored out of your gourd! On that subject (not gourds), learning is changing in our home. We (they) are digging deeper to learn and having to find a lot more on their own this year. I want as much of it to stick as possible and have a bit of fun while doing it.

We are working out the kinks of Tapestry and really enjoying Spelling Power/English from the Roots/English. Okay, I'm really enjoying them. And you know the old saying, "If momma ain't happy ain't no body happy".

The weather (oh how boring) is cooling off a bit (low 80's) for evening. We've been outside with the chickens and breaking down the old garden. We hope to move it for an October planting in the next couple of weeks. The reason for the move. TO much shade last fall. I planted broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and they didn't come to fruition until late spring...ugh.

Well that's all part of it. The chickadees have 3 plots that we will start preparing tomorrow for fall planting at the 4-H garden. we've changed plots and it's the Little Chef's 1st time having her own plot. It's going to be a great season ;)

Hey! Does anyone have any good updated Praise and Worship cd's that come with music. We need words and we need to be able to sing along. We've been using a really nice compilation of old hymns with piano, parts and sheet music. We would like to spice it up occasionally. So let me know!


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