Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Confession

This a true confession, but I think I may have already confessed it before. During the school day I can sometimes get a bit crabby or my expectation may be a bit high (or right on) and it comes out in exasperation with my chickadees. Starting ToG has added a bit more. Although I think we're getting the swing of things.

Well when theses times arise I usually step away from the school table and over to the counter. I then throw myself into something relatively creative. Usually cooking, planning projects for the holidays, or dare I say deep cleaning the kitchen. Today was just that sort of day!

Farm Girl was getting tense and I was WAY past tense. So before exploding or imploding I decided we needed a fresh batch of cookies. We are usually a plain Jane chocolate chip kind of family, but today I needed more. Chunks of chocolate, raisins, cranberries, white chocolate, or nuts galore!

So I pulled out a bag of BOGO Dove dark chocolate and pecans.

My next thought was homemade vanilla (this bottle was made with rum) and our own farm fresh eggs (or should I say suburban backyard fresh).

Who could stop there I ask you? I threw in some (a lot) of rolled oats. Yummy!

Add a little whole wheat flour, butter, sucanat, and whaa la! You have delicious cookies. Make sure your exercising if you going to eat these babies because one is not enough.

Hope your day is not imploding around you - take a break and bake!


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Tina said...

I would like to eat one of these...any left? Seriously. I'll come over for a cookie and run! They look and sound FABULOUS! or as I prefer to say, Fabuloso!