Friday, October 9, 2009

Intentional or Not?

While I was doing my workout today I started thinking about all the money spent on gym memberships, equipment and all the other paraphernalia that we "need" to exercise. Now I'm not here to criticize or critic anyone. It just got me thinking about myself. Where do I fall into this category? Maybe you'll think about where you fall also, maybe not.

Trying to be frugal, careful, spend thrifty with the family finances has made me take a deeper look at this. I'm not a person who "not intentional" when it comes to exercise. I have many wonderful girlfriends that are. My definition of this is a person who doesn't have to think about getting some exercise. They are always involved in something that gives them this and their bodies crave it if it is not available to them about 12 hours after their last "session".

"Intentional" people on the other hand may enjoy being in the great out doors, but they are sitting on the back porch or on a quilt reading a book. Maybe even canning this years applesauce outdoors, but exercise doesn't come to mind. They actually have to gear themselves up for the event. Yes, it's an event and when you finally get to doing it you feel as though someone should be blowing trumpets and maybe putting a gold medal around you neck (if you've worked really hard).

So what has this to do with frugality? Well my thought is if your a "Not" person you may not need a gym membership, latest equipment, or all the bells and whistles that are out there ( at least while your trying to pay down bills or stash some cash). You can exercise anywhere or any time. You love it, your body craves it, so you'll do it whether you've got a membership or not.

The "Intentional" on the other hand need a little (in my case a lot more help). Figure out what you exercise of choice is and stick to it (I can't believe I'm spouting this(( by the grace of my Lord)). Find the cheapest (and safest) club, pool, or group and join it! Get an accountability partner. I've got about 4 I regularly speak to. Make it hurt a bit. I know that $28 is a lot out of our budget for exercise right now, so I better be using the facility. If not I feel like I'm wasting our income. Also for me, having to go somewhere and do it means I have to do it. Sometimes I can be half way through my work out and still not want to do it. I usually remind myself I'm there, wet already, so get it done. I feel great by the end! Look for other free incentives.

Our county has a 47 mile long walking trail. The pool in my community has a swim the trail program. 47 miles and you get a t- shirt. I hear it's an ugly color of blue- but who cares it's an accomplishment! I just completed my 30 mile today.( THIS IS WHERE YOU CHEER FOR ME!) This really keeps me motivated.

You can also join the President's Challenge and get moving. You can keep track of your progress and even earn medals and t-shirts. So when it comes to fitness I think you must figure out what category you in. Everyone needs exercise in our culture. Not many of us live laborious lifestyles. So get moving. Keep it cheap. Save where you can, but get healthy and move!

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