Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have you laid one like this?

Or should I say has one of your chickens ever laid one like this? I keeping thinking "Vermont Volleyball" ( Bing Crosby, White Christmas) but that really has nothing to do with this or does it (poor Danny Kaye). We seem to have girl that lays like this occasionally. No extra squawking, but it sure looks like it's got to be painful! You can't tell from the picture but this egg is larger than a Extra Large Fancy eggs from the grocery. It's just like any other egg once you crack it open, but it does look unappetizing.

Have you ever "laid a egg"? I'm sure we all have. In fact there are days where it's just best if I keep my mouth shut! Today could be one of those days. Lots of extra squawking and pain for everyone in ear shot. I'm relying on my Father to get me through and keep my beak shut!
Have a great day!


Tami said...

Wow! That is an egg!!! It almost looks like some scary walnut. I had one of those days.....keeping my beak quiet, well, sorta. I, too, cried out to the Lord for extra help!

urbangirl said...

hmmmmmmmm i don't know if iv ever laid one like that.... LOL!!!