Friday, October 23, 2009

School Room Redo

I've been away for awhile. I'm finding that school and our schedule are a bit more rigorous and I don't have much time to think. Which is was I need if I want to blog! Yep. I'm not a writer and I have to use a lot of brain power at times. So I've been on Face Book quite a bit (no brain power required).

Today we took a break and cleaned the house. Yippee! Did it need it. I think it's the dirtiest it has ever been. We started earlier this week with Farm Girl doing baseboard, trash cans etc. Today we hit all the rooms and pantry. Did gross ceiling fans, wiped down cabinets, vacuumed behind furniture, window sills, you name it. I also got a couple of shots of our School Room. I never showed how it turned out. We've been living with it for about 3 months and it's working out much better for us. Here are some of before. 11x10 room.



Lots of School Resources and lets not forget the TRASH!

I like the paint color and my curtains. I had to steal them back from the craft room,(now what to do in there)? So we didn't change those. We did end up bringing in yet another storage piece. Remember I have grades K through 11th stored here.


When need be we can actually squeeze all 5 of us girls in here together!

New storage piece. I would have liked to have bought more of the wonderful cabinets that we brought from our last home, but that wasn't in the budget. Now everyone has to be more accountable for keeping their bins neat. This houses each chickadees school bin, all cds, all paper, and computer stuff. The bottom shelf is the little girl's library. Easier to put books in bins than in closets.The closet. Still a bit messy, but who's perfect? It houses all the curriculum we are currently not using and items I don't want people touching.

These cabinets house our library of books that I can't get at the library. All family games are neatly stacked above. Musical instruments in the corner, except for the piano.

The cabinets on the other wall house printer station, bill area, Superman's computer and work stuff, finished photo albums. So this room is more than a school room and is one of the most used rooms next to our kitchen.

I neat thing happened today a friend and I are swapping furniture to see if each others pieces will work better for us. Then we can decide if we should purchase that piece or let the idea float away!

Have a great weekend!


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