Monday, October 26, 2009

I gave into temptation....

It's Monday... One of those kind of days where...need I say more? It's not super bad (because I gave my day over to the Lord), but it does have it's twists and turns. (Here comes my excuse, get ready, wait for it, wait for it.) I have been craving meat and chocolate all weekend. I could eat roast beef and/or chicken for every meal with a piece of some kind of chocolate to clear the palate. Ahh... I said it. I need meat and chocolate! I see it everywhere I go. I have recipes swirling through my brain. I cracked. Here's what I did:

2 1/2 cup of 60% cocoa chocolate chips

2 HUGE glugs of vanilla to wash it down (just kidding)

1 can of sweeten condensed milk (John Wayne saved the life of a new born baby with this stuff over the weekend in the 3 Godfathers.)

Melt on medium heat. pour into parchment lined dish, get every bit out of the hot pot (don't burn your tongue), let fudge cool in fridge.

Eat a piece every 15 minutes, I mean test for coolness every 15 minutes or so.

Cut 10 small pieces so everyone can have a taste. Leave some for desert. Pop the rest into freezer in case a repeat is needed in a day or two. Yum!
Give your cares to Lord, sometimes you may get chocolate!


Tina said...

a chocolate recipe...just one of the reasons I love you so.

Champion Builders said...

LOL!!! I love ya Julie.