Friday, May 20, 2011

Bug Jars

Have you ever made a Bug Jar? It's been -- something years since I made one. What, you really didn't think I was going to share how long ago it was did you? Actually it's been since Grade School and then again in Junior High. Do they even have Junior High anymore?

Anyway back to the project at hand. My younger girlies are really interested in nature right now and would like to make specimen boards. Okay they didn't even know what those were until I told them about having to make them in school. They thought that was a really cool idea. (I told them about this months ago and am now just getting around to it. Just in case you thought I was all organized and on top of things.)

So here we go. You'll need:

- 1 jar glass or plastic per etymologist

-plaster a Paris

-nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol

Clean jars. I would have used plastic had I had them.

I don't recommend this brand, but it was given to me free from someone who didn't need it anymore. Any brand will do.

Eyeball the amount you think you'll need.

Add enough water to make it a thick pancake consistency.

Pour into jars and let it dry 24 to 48 hours. Make more if you need to it won't ruin the outcome.

Add your remover or alcohol. About a tablespoon. Let it seep in and cover jar with lid immediately.

Find bugs, pop in jar. The will be asphyxiated and then they can be laid out in a couple of hours on a styro foam card and pinned. Do it sooner than later so that the wings etc are easy to maneuver.

Don't forget to have a classification book on hand. Yeah, I need to get one of those...

I'll post pics of finished jars later today after the girlies have had a chance to do up the lids with sequined bugs. Hey were girls we need to pretty it up a bit!



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