Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden Part 4

I joined the link up party over at Smockity Frocks. Unfortunately I don't know how to put up her gardening button. Please go over and take a look. They have been handling a situation in their home amazingly well.

Our Spring 2011 garden is coming to a close and I still need to draw a map of what I planted from the past fall in to spring.

Our pepper plants seem to be in full bloom so we will continue to let them grow.

I always think fresh eggs in a basket look so pretty and country. I found this basket a couple of years ago at a thrift store. Great for collecting eggs.

These are actually tomatoes from the plants we planted last fall. Lots of vines with very little fruit. We will be adding lime into the ground come late June or July.

We got just over 2lbs of green beans before our plants looked like they had rust all over them. We have some beans left but nothing to speak of.

We planted fresh mint and mulched it with straw. I'm hoping it will fill the whole flower bed. We made Mint Juleps for our first craft day of the summer. I'll post recipes later.

Here are some chives we started in a hanging basket. Other things from fall that are still growing are eggplant, dill onions, and collards.

The dill reseeded itself, so I should have plenty for pickling. The eggplants were on their last leg but seem to have sprung back to life. Lots of purple flowers. And the collards... Well lets just say they take the prize. They are about 4 feet tall and keep producing. The chickens just love them!

I think I'm going to concentrate on getting our yard ready for the fall and winter garden to come. We will be adding a new bed and I'll show you some the improvements we are trying to make along the way.

I'll still pop up any and all great harvests from the spring garden. We have some wonky looking cucs out there right now and getting my onions to bulb!

How does your garden grow? What grows best for you?


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Anonymous said...

Looks like you've had good results. Those green beans look fantastic!