Monday, May 23, 2011

Peppers, peppers and more peppers

Last week we had the opportunity to go to our local hydro farm. This past fall we had taken a field trip Co-op there and really enjoyed ourselves. They let each child pick a basket of strawberries as gift. They were delicious. Now they were opening there farm to everyone in our community for one last day of picking and it was free. What a way to be a blessing to so many!

Here is some of what we picked.

Hot peppers (before)

Here is a bunch of chili peppers.

Some purple, red and green bell peppers and jalapenos.

After the hot peppers were done dehydrating I popped them in my blender. Pretty huh?

Mid grind. I should have done three batches because I had to take off the top a couple of times to jostle them around. Needles to say I had burning lips and nose by the end.

The end result. A sweet, very spicy, smokey flavor. I decided to mix the habenaros and the chilies.I can't wait to cook!

Urban Girl will be turning seventeen this week and we will be having stuffed jalapenos to celebrate. Cream cheese, cheddar and maybe some chopped chicken or bacon? We used the colorful baby bells for an Italian salad on Sunday. Yum.

What do you do with a surplus of peppers?



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Anonymous said...

which of your wonderful girls picked all of thoughs fabulise peppers?