Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gardening Part 3

The garden this past fall looked beautiful. We had lots of green foliage but not as many veggies as I had hope for... The reasons are many, but my least favorite would be the Fruit Rats and Squirrels. Yup, the rats ate every single one of our beautiful Cauliflowers and Brussels Sprouts! We had 12 of each plant growing wonderfully. They ate some collards, beans, and onions. I was disgusted. Especially after I saw the night vision videos of the little beasties. Yuck!

We trapped and did every thing else we could think of. When I say "we", I mean Superman. If you'll recall I was really not into trying another garden, but my man really thought we should. So I jumped in. I encouraged, bought, planted, replanted, hoed and pulled weeds only to have those little buggers get the best of me.

They didn't even care about the shiny things we placed in the garden to scare them away. No, they waited until night fall to have their feast. As you can see it's been 5 months and I'm still not over it!

We also put in 2500 lbs of manure in late summer. It was composted, but I'm sure it threw the pH of the soil off. We tried heirloom tomato plants and I don't think they had quite enough sunlight for the winter. They are still growing even now and have a couple of tomatoes on them. Lots of green foliage with very few flowers.

Here is a picture of what the garden looks like right now. Fall tomatoes have about had it and the green beans are ready to pick. I'll share more in my next post.

How is your garden growing?



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