Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FPEA Convention 2011 in Pictures

Warning~ There are a lot of pictures in this post. Look at your own risk.

This year we splurged and went to the Florida Parent Educator Association's Homeschooling Convention. We haven't been in about 5 years. Reasons:1) We needed to put more of our money to curriculum use in years past. 2) We didn't have a vehicle that we felt could make it there and back. 3) It was no longer being held at our favorite hotel. 4)I knew what curriculum I liked and have stuck with. This still holds true and I felt a bit guilty going for nothing? Not so.

So here's what we did to stay at the 5 star luxury Gaylord Palms Hotel. We saved moo la every month for a number of months. We saved money out for gas, dinners, and brought everything else from home. Breakfast , lunch, and snacks. I printed out all my curriculum needs and wants with Internet prices for comparison. We also reminded the girls frequently to save their pennies for the trip. Lots of fun goodies for children to buy.

It was so nice leaving on our vacation knowing everything was already paid for. Ahhhh.

We had lots of little blessings along the way. We stopped at our favorite produce stand in Plant City and got peaches for 79 cents a pound, yummy grape tomatoes and peach shakes. We had plenty of fresh fruit with the bananas and apples I brought from home.

Balcony 1

Here are pictures of our hotel room which was another Happy Birthday Blessing for Superman. When we went to check in I mentioned it was his birthday and could they possibly give us a atrium view. Well they did better than that! We got a full suite. It was bigger than our 1st apartment. Dining area, living room, huge bathroom, king size separate suite and 3 balconies. It did cost us $20 which was well worth it.

Balcony 2 with a view of St.Augustine. This is not a village its all under one huge glass roof.

Balcony 3. The little girls said hello to all early morning risers as they passed by. They were a great alarm clock. We didn't miss any of our classes.

LC cleaning up after a juicy peach.

A banana break after a long/short trip, depending on how old you are.

A picture of convention floor. So many vendors, so much to look at. We did buy a stay put exercise ball from Walmart when we got home (they were not selling them there. they should). Just like the ones in the picture. We are hoping it will help our bouncier students to concentrate a bit more.

Here's a view from the Key West side of the hotel. Look what FG caught!

Ahhhh the pool. Fully decked out with an Octopus slide. FG in mid slide.


LC in the kid zone. I saw a lot of "big kids" in there.

Love this turtle shot

So glad she didn't forget the goggles.

Real alligators in the St. Augustine section. We got to see them be fed and the little girlies touched them.

Lounging at an abandoned cabin.

Ahhh the end to a perfect trip. We went to some wonderful lectures from creation to the psychology of colors. I was refreshed at classes just for moms. The girls enjoyed running around and meeting up with old friends and making some new ones. Superman enjoyed the king size bed! (i'm a bed hog)

Stay tuned for the most talked about shirt at convention. Seriously.



FG not excited about going home. Admittedly no one was. What a great way to start summer!

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