Thursday, January 8, 2009

Financial Goals 2009!

Yippee! It's time to talk money. In December or a bit earlier of 2007 we decided we wanted to become debt free. So in Jan '08 we started. We ended up getting to take the Dave R. course that Jan. Great timing.

What a interesting journey this past year has been. We had to refund our emergency fund 4 times, due to dental problems! We stayed on budget and didn't rack up any more debt than we alredady had. We also were able to pay down about a third of the debt.

We put our home up for sale. But even with an ELP on our side it didn't sell. FL's market is flooded with foreclosures. But we did what we felt we were called to do. So for now our plans of more land and country are on hold.

This Year:

-Make a little over minimum payment to debt each month.
-Sock all extra money into EF to get it up to 6 months (not sure about Superman's job this year- if all goes well we will pay off debt and start working on refunding the EF)
-Save all the extras I can towards a new to us car. I would really like one now, but I'm hoping we can hold out another year.
-Take care of our wills (i know,i know)
-Refinance house to lower rate- possibly 15 years

Last year we learned that we needed to have a base EF of $2000 for our family size etc.

So in some ways I feel nothing has changed and we keep just plugging along, but that could all change this year!

What is your plan for this New Year? I love to hear!


Funchaosx4 said...

Julie, I have so many comments to make on more than 1 of your posts, but until then, let me just say Hi and I am reading. Tracy
P.S. You rock cauliflower, btw!

Brooke said...

sorry to hear about your setbacks - but it was great that you had the EF in place to help with things!

BarbaraLee said...

We are pretty much doing the same. Plugging away at the debt. We don't have much for cc but the home equity bothers me. But all in all we are doing pretty good.

smalltowngirl said...

hi julie...good to hear from you! we made a 2 year committment to our church. we are in a building campaign. so our goal this year is to finish that off. that means lots of sacraficing. our church motto was "not equal giving, but equal sacrafice" so we will be cutting back where we can and i may substitute a few days a week to help with that. times are tough for everyone right now and we all have to be careful with spending.

Mom2fur said...

Best of luck with your goals!
You aren't alone regarding a will. We don't have one, and at almost-53 and 55, we should know better. You know what it is...just another thing on that big 'life's to do list'!
PS...your daughters are adorable! I have four, but mine are 3 boys and one girl. (18-26 years old.) A houseful of daughters must be a total blast.

Sweet Blessings said...

Hi Julie! Great meeting you the other day! I'm sure we'll see eachother again:) Thank you for sharing with my new friend and I enjoyed our conversation too! Blessings! Amanda:)

LovingLegacy said...

love your blog and your posts - you balance fun and honesty with grace and lightheardedness. proud of you for your determination, girl! oh, and you've been tagged! go to this post
to see!!