Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday!

It's been quite a while since I did a WFMW post. Head over to Rocks in My Dryer for more great tips;)
I have 2 tips to share. First off I really like Mr. Clean Sponges. Have you tried them? Well this past month I found the ones I bought and put away in my really organized (so much so that I couldn't find them) laundry room. I forgot I had so much new storage! Anyway, I bought the Dollar Tree store brand (not Mr. Clean) and guess what? They work great and at a 1/3 of the cost. Can I get a Yippee!!?!!

Tip #2~ These made Superman's weekend. It's nice to see a boyish smile on your husband's face and all for $3.

We've been trying to get away from using plastic for quite awhile, but held on to our green tumbler until now. They're a bit hefty, but I needed to start weight training!

He likes to fill them up with 1 liter of sweet tea. Where I would rather have a decaf coffee drink. Yes, I did say 1 Liter! We like big glasses for iced tea and lemon water.

My coffee shake ,cooler etc. recipe is:

1 1/2 cups raw whole milk

1 Tb decaff instant coffee (don't scream my furry friends!)

1 tea cocoa powder

stevia to taste

ice cubes to desired consistency

Blend it up and pop it in your cup! I also put a dollop of whip cream on.

Superman's tea:

1 gallon freshly brewed green tea

3/4 cup Sucanat with honey.

This usually last him all weekend. During the week, he's a water man.

So what works for you?



Lorie said...

That looks yummy! And I love the less expensive magic erasers!!

Birdie said...

Oh, yummy! Thank you, thank you for posting sugar-free recipes!

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

The coffee drink sounds great! Thanks for sharing!
Oh, and it looked good too!

Christina said...

Oh my, that coffee drink looks delicious. My hubby loves sweet tea too. He doesn't drink much in the winter---because I don't make it often, but in the summer, he goes through it.

Thanks for visiting our blog. I always enjoy "meeting" new people.