Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm popping up some recipes that people have asked me to share. I have some great works for me Wednesday ideas, but they'll have to wait until next week!

Canned Salsa

A case of Roma Tomatoes (skinned and blended, leave some a bit chunky- I don't skin mine)

2 large bulbs of garlic diced and mashed

10 onions (more or less to taste)

10 green peppers (to taste)

10 hot peppers (more or less)

2 large bunches cilantro

sea salt (to taste)

8 to 10 tb lemon juice ( I do 1tb per quart)

It's really simple: Puree half the tomatoes and other half leave chunky. In the pureed batch I put in cilantro, garlic, onion, and green peppers. My blender does a great job. If you want it chunkier pieces place in with the tomatoes you are doing chunky.

Pop everything into a 13 quart stock pot (that's the size I have). Add salt and juice to taste. Juice is needed for extra acidity because lots of our tomatoes are lower acid. (I've never had a problem though)

Let all ingredients simmer for a couple hours in the pot.
Water bath quart jars of salsa for 20 minutes. Store for about a year.

Blender Salsa

Large can of peeled whole tomatoes (Warehouse Size)

2 onions

2 green peppers

2 to 3 hot peppers ( whatever I have available)

1/2 bunch of cilantro

6 cloves (or so) garlic

sea salt ( to taste)

Blend whole tomatoes lightly for chunkiness.
Blend all other ingredients to desired consistency in the juice of the tomatoes.
Add lime or lemon juice if desired.

This makes around a gallon. Great parties! I also freeze in container for dinners.

Last recipe!

Kim M. Stuffed Jalapenos


8 0z cream cheese

8 oz cheddar cheese

Seed as many peppers as desired. Bake them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
Mix cheeses. Stuff peppers and pop under broiler until crispy!

I hope you enjoy!


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