Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday in Review- Part #1

Hello and good morning. I'm taking a break while the chickadees let the chickens get a bit of exercise. Actually, I'm hiding from my pantry that I tore apart........more to come tomorrow on that subject.
I wanted to share some of the Christmas gifts I made for my family this year. In the spirit of being frugal (we hope to be out of the pit by this summer!) and wanting to make pretty and usable items. I put on my thinking cap.... okay, okay.
I got out my coupons and hit the craft store. In the early spring we had lots of 50% coupons and boy did I use them. Each set cost apx. $7 to make not including the hours I spent making them. Lets just say I have 4 left for the girls hope chest that won't be started for quite awhile!
This 1st set was for my now adult niece...she's still a kid to me.
Set 2 were given to my mother. She really likes all blue but I thought a splash of color might be nice.Set 3 are for the Bride ~ my little sister. She likes purple. Set 4 were my Bobcia. I think she really liked them.
Here are the sock monkeys. Penelope, Mabel,Lucy,Isabelle, Cletus,Anabelle,Matilda,Cleo and I can't think of the last ones name. (it's that darn pantry calling me)

And here are some of the surprised and happy recipients!Have a great one! Now get back to work! hehehe:)



Anonymous said...

Your embroidery is absolutely beautiful. It had been years since I'd done any embroidery. But recently I discovered Redwork and have started up again.

And the sock monkeys are adorable.

We had a mostly homemade Christmas at our house and I'll be doing it again this year, but I'm going to be starting earlier because I was sewed right up until the 23rd.

In fact, I've already starting shopping the Christmas fabric sales.

Tami said...

golly, you are really talented!! Just darling stuff.