Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I've had an on going goal all of my adult life to stay at a healthy weight.......sigh.... Don't worry this is happy!
I've made a covenant, promise, deal (whatever you'd like to call it) with my Father, that I would never give up working at it, conquering it, or just hold on with my last bit of energy. Through times of crying out and rejoicing I have been reminded of my promise. At moments I have clung to it so tightly and at others I've tried to fool myself into believing that maybe I actually hadn't made this commitment.

Well I did and I'm back in the game!

Superman is my biggest supporter. He wants me healthy, just as I want him to be healthy! So over these many,many years of diets, programs, ways of life. I've sat back and looked at what has worked for me and what hasn't. I've gained a bit of knowledge about myself (which I really need to write down).

Here's a few:
-my body runs better on high protein low carb
-i would rather eat sweets and breads all the time
-if i start out with exercise in my program i put on muscle and tend not to lose much
-i have to make sure i'm never starving * that's when i crave sweets the most
-i do have self control * i just need to couple with some other key ingredients
-i'm a stress eater, joyful eater, bummed out eater
-i like food and cooking it
-i don't like it more than my Father or my husband and children.

So here I am!
My goal is 100 pounds this year. I still will not be at a healthy weight but alot closer.
(I can't believe I'm divulging this)
I've decided to really rely on my husband when I'm on the brink.
I've decided to give myself some free days (if I want them), but I must be back on the following day. Holidays already planned out.
I've chosen to do a full body cleanse.
I've chosen to eat lower carb, but not NO carb.
I've chosen to talk to people about it when I need or want to (I got me some girls!). I find it helps.
I've chosen to exercise in a fun manner in a couple of weeks, biking, walking, swimming, jumping.

So this is me keeping it real. Please feel free to ask how it's coming along.

I will NEVER give up!

I can do all thing through Christ who gives me strength. This is definitely something He wants me to do!


I'll post more goals later..

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Tami said...

good for you!!! I think that is awesome!!!