Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Many Thanks, Lets bake!

Thank you to all my birthday well wishers. I REALLY don't feel my age and since 40 is the new 20....I'm only 19!

I had a wonderful weekend starting with my crafty girlfriends on friday night. On Saturday we took the older chickadees to Winter Jam. Hawk Nelson and Toby Mac. We also continued work on my B-day room (which I'm still hoping to post pics of this week). We had a slumber party and roasted weenies and marshmallows in the fire place. The little chicks found this to be great fun!Next weekend we are celebrating with my parents.So my diet has been having some trouble... I was hoping to keep the weight loss big, but who knew what one piece of cake could do. I had 2 cakes made for me so far... They were delicious!

With Superman taking the last 2 Mondays off my schedule has been out of whack. Today is usually my baking day, but I also had to throw in laundry. So this is what I accomplished:

2 Great Loaves and 1 little chef

The start of a Italian Baked Sandwhich

The finished product...

4 lunches for Superman. I like to put in different fillings, bake them and freeze. Then when he leaves for work he can pull one out of the freezer and reheat at work.

Filing ideas:

meatballs and cheese

pepperoni and veggies and cheese

ground beef, veggies and cheese

fajita mix and cheese

turkey and cheese

You see the common theme...cheese. It's very important;)



LovingLegacy said...

yummy! and happy belated birthday! hey, i have two baskets of fabrics and odds and ends for you to go through... interested?

Tami said...

you are so cool. love the sandwich idea.....that is a baking post i think i could actually accoomplish!!

A Work in Progress said...

Looks so good! We love to dip em in ranch dressing!

When I worked at Joto's Pizza, I would make something like what you made but put grilled chicken, CHEESE (it's a MUST have I agree), and BBQ sauce.

Funchaosx4 said...

Happy belated birthday!