Wednesday, July 8, 2009

911 & Rolling Pins

It's another Works For Me Wednesday over at We Are That Family and I'm joining in.

Let's start of with 911. I'm truly blessed we have this service in our community! Here's the scoop. Around 10:30 this morning we arrived home from swim team. The family has all been under the weather so Superman was with us. Just down the street from our home he says (rather loudly and very controlled), "What is going on at our house?"

Huh? I'm looking all around trying to figure out what he is talking about. Then as we get closer I see 4 police cars then a couple of undercover vehicles.... We pull up just in front of our home and an Officer says,"Sir stay in your vehicle and back it down the street".

Superman responds by letting him know one of our Chickadees was in the home. He said that he knew.

6 Officers, GUNS DRAWN start up our front steps to the entry. While other Officers were behind the house ready and waiting. I cannot describe what was going through my mind and heart at that moment. I just keep calling on the Lord. The girls were all crying.

We pull back to our neighbors house. My neighbor runs out to let me know our Chickadee is safe in her home. Praise the Lord. I'm still freaked out and teary eyed!

A few minutes later the police come out of our home. They, then take Superman and Urban Girl in for a walk through. The other Officers come out from behind our home. (Still Freaking- me not the Officers).

Seems Urban girl heard some rather unusual noises and tried contacting me. When she couldn't reach me she called 911. I'm very proud of her!!! She kept a level head and did what was best. Of course now she's second guessing herself, but she will bounce back. She made a smart move and it could have saved her life! Praise the Lord!
Superman said I need to get better with keeping the camera on me at all times. He said I could have had some pictures of the gun drawn officers...funny...

On to Rolling Pins! Actually, the Officer asked Superman about my rolling pin fetish. He noticed it next to my side of the bed and thought it was out of place (can I just tell you I'm glad the house was pretty clean:).

I keep rolling pins next to my bed for extra security. No, not really. With the dreams I have I'm surprised Superman lets me keep them there!
I have Plantar Facitis. I use a big leather belt for stretching my foot and the pins are for massaging the heel. Do they work! I do this a couple of times a day and it has made a world of difference. I'm still not able to get out and walk with my walking partners, but I can at least walk around pretty much as normal . I couldn't do that a month ago.

I have 2 sizes. The child sizes works the best and the Foley is an antique I pick up for a dollar. I didn't know it was an antique until after it became a foot massager. I promise not to use it for Holiday Baking!

So those are my WFMW!

Have you ever come home to the Police?




Tina said...

Well, praise the Lord ya'll are ok. I was reading your post and my heart was pounding! Glad you have smart chicks!

As for those rolling pins, sounds nice, I'll have to try that :) Love you, girl. Glad ya'll are feelin' better!

KrustyTheCat said...

Wow that's scary!!! I have plantar faciatis too, and I never knew to use a rolling pin. I do stretch out my feet. Great ideas!

HousefullofJoy said...

I'm so thankful that Urban girl handled that so well and everyone was safe. Tell her I'm proud of her. I can only imagine how you were feeling when you drove up upon that scene.

Anonymous said...

how can i read from a chickens point of view i looked it up on google but i does not com up with it!

LovingLegacy said...

oh my goodness, my heart was racing!! YIKES!! the rolling pins give me a giggle...