Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time Warp

Okay, you'll never believe what I purchased for this school year! It uses batteries ( C or D i think). Comes with a built in microphone. It takes a big plastic cartridges that have some long stringy thin plastic inside... Give Up? A tape recorder.

Yup, we are tired of all this progress stuff around here. With mp3, mp4, and recordable cd's that change size, style and color as the wind blows, we (i) have decided it's time to go back to our Pioneering Roots! Remember making tapes off the radio and singing crazy songs with friends to pretend you could be part of a band? Oh, you never did that... Well, I have one on you and it was preparing me for my new audio career as a talking book.

Here's the scoop on my plans (yes there is a method to my chaos). Since I will be schooling children (mine) in High School, Middle School, Grammar School and kindergarten this year. I need a little help with some of the school chores that only I can do. So for now I plan to tape our new Read- to -me -Bible with a little bell noise and page number said when it's time to turn the page. My littlest will REALLY (she better) enjoy this. She's been trying to read it to herself and asks frequently.

Secondly, I plan to tape the Science Reader lessons for my Grammar Girl. She will then listen and read along to herself with the lesson. The next day she will read that lesson aloud to me or one of her older sisters and then listen to the next lesson. This covers word recognition, sound recognition, correct grammar usage etc. Brilliant, I know. I'm patting myself on the back as I plan it. Now all I have to do is tape it!

Truth be told (i cannot take the credit- but it was fun) a friend of mine (my jalapeno friend) does this with Jeanne Fulbright's Science. Her children have really enjoyed it. I know that over the years I've used this for spelling words etc. But I'd forgotten about this wonderful tool. She also suggested that it could be a dictation machine for those who cannot write yet or have severe spelling issues. So this may become the most used electronic (is it a electronic? Superman??) in our house this school year!

What new or forgotten tips do you have to share for this coming school year? Check out We Are That Family for more great ideas.



Noel said...

I've heard of parents doing this for their dislexic children, who have trouble reading, but it would be a great way to learn overall.

Tami said...

Great idea! I can so see my little guy making up a story in his scary voice, recording it, then playing it for us all to hear. Just will have to go buy me one of those little machines (lots cheaper than an ipod!)

HousefullofJoy said...

Ummmm...Yeah, you weren't the only one that recorded songs off the radio to sing at the top of your lungs!!!

Tina said...

pat, pat, ROCK!