Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Another one of our favorite fruits is in season. Plums, Yum! My chickadee's sure can eat a lot of them. Last year we had so many from our co-op (we've actually never seen a plumb tree or is it bush?). We made lots of jam, crisps and cobblers. We aren't much for the cobbler but the crisp was a hit. I pitted, quartered, and froze them in quart size freezer bags. When we needed I pulled them out and defrosted. One bag per 9x9 pan. Delish!
We also would just pull them out sprinkle with a bit of sucanat w/honey for dinner. They had a nice fresh, juicy taste. Superman said the reminded him of a stewed prunes, only fresher. I didn't think they tasted like stewed prunes, at least not what I remember.

Well to day School Girl and I are got some jam put up. Actually she ended up working on some school projects for me and watching.

Basic ingredients: 6 cups chopped plums ( i leave the skin on)

4 cups sucanat w/ honey (or any other kind of sugar you like)
1 package of pectin mixed with 1/4 cup of above sugar
1 teaspoon butter ( keeps the foam down)
A couple splashes of lemon juice

Here's about 6 cups chopped with pectin, sugar, lemon juice and blob of butter. (i really don't measure exact on) I'm heating them at about medium to get the juices flowing. Then I turn it up to high to get a rolling boil for 1 minute. Stirring constantly is key!

Here's what it looks like hot and steamy after all the sugar has been added and it has come to a rolling boil ( a second time ) for at least a minute. A bit of foam at the bottom of picture (no biggie).

I would like to show you picks of me putting it into the jars, but I need more hands!

Here's the end result after water bathing for 10 minutes. They always look so beautiful when first canned. The do tend to lose color over the year, but the flavor is still great!

Give it a try!



Anonymous said...

The jam looks beautiful-but can I ask-what do you eat it on? Toast? I've never had plum jam and although I do like fresh plums, I don't know if I'd like to eat them cooked. Still....it looks nice and I'm sure that it's a good idea if you wouldn't eat all the plums fresh and might end up losing some. Thanks for sharing!

BTW-I have read a couple of recipes on another site that called for sucanat with honey-I assumed that it was a mistake in writing and that they meant sucanat or honey. I know where to get regular sucanat, but where do you get sucanat with honey? Is it something that you're able to get through a store or are you buying it through a co-op? Thanks!

momof4sweetsisters said...

Sucanat w/ honey. Is actually dried molasses crystals that are sprayed with honey. (To the best of my knowledge.)The taste is much lighter in flavor than sucanat. I use them in place of white sugar and sucanat in place of brown sugar.

We use plumb jam for toast, PB & J (the chickadees really like it this way), on biscuits etc.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my questions-I'll have to look for it at the health food store in my area.
I'm still having a hard time imagining plum jam, but maybe someday will have a chance to try it out. My own children and I really like strawberry jam and peanut butter (rather than grape) so we may like the plum jam. :-)

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I have never ever had plum jam, or even heard of it! Sounds delish.