Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Ready

I had so many titles for today's post: Pantry to Party Potato Salad
Brownie S'mores
Fourth First Aid
Lets get started! Here's my pantry potato salad. Take all the potatoes from your pantry (like red, white, Yukon gold, garden potatoes, and white sweet potatoes ((oops! we'll see if they notice)) clean them, boil them and peel them. Pop in large bowl. Take silkie hard boiled eggs, half an onion and chop, chop chop. Add a lot of BOGO mayonnaise and a couple of tablespoons BOGO yellow mustard a dash of ground pepper and sea salt and this what you get.....
About 10 lbs of Summer Party Potato Salad

Next up Brownie S'mores! I really enjoy having S'mores during the fireworks, but it's just to much work and crazy just before they start. So I started making oven S'mores about a half hour before, but that still took me away from the party. So this year I have created my own version of the Brownie S'more with and without pecans. Yummmy!

Adult version ( I'll drizzle on the chocolate, don't you worry)
Children's version (who are we kidding, I'll eat either!)

And last but not least...every year without fail we have boo boos, ouchies, blood and a nice dose of drama. So I got wise and created a 4th First Aid kit. Can't you just see the Medic (Mommy or Big Sister) running to the rescue with this pail of goodies. Yes, it has stopped many a siren style scream in its tracks!

We've got Neon and Animal Bandages this year!

So this a bit of what's happening here today. We'll save the ugly for another day.

Happy 4th of July!


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HousefullofJoy said...

J already got his booboo today, so maybe we're safe for tomorrow. I guess we should have told him that 2-yr olds don't fly ;-)

The s'mores look delish!