Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hey it's been awhile. I'm still working on the school/office/everything, but it's near completion.

(we were parked farther out than this!)

Anyhoo. IKEA! We went, We saw, We conquered (all of $15 and change). We were there a total of 5 and 1/2 hours. Scary. I actually didn't think it was possible. Had my feet not been aching so badly and my littlest chickadees not been restless ( you would have thought they had more stamina than that:0) We may have camped out! Although, I don't think they sell tents. One of the few things they don't carry.

( school girl testing kitchens of her future)

I really enjoyed looking at all the stuff, but I have to say it reminded me a bit of Madame Blueberry. That sweet blueberry who needs to have EVERYTHING from Stuff Mart and everything her neighbor has too. Can you tell that I can identify with her? (I'm a reformed blueberry from the mid 90's.)

(Grammy taking measurements for her kitchen...
watch out Poppy)

(the Little Chef cleansing her hands at my farmhouse sink
... in my dreams)

I found there wasn't much that I needed. Yes, they had really neat ideas. Urban Girl took lots of pictures of the way she might like to decorate her future home and I do like roll out drawers in the kitchen. (I'll file that for a kitchen makeover 10,20 years from now- it'll probably be standard by then).

Urban Girl

We had fun looking, being together,walking and eating cinnamon rolls!

Oh the cameras, can't a Starlet dream without paparazzi?

What we did buy:

2pack wooden utensils

2pack pot holders

2 stuffed animals

1 portable draftsman table for School Girl (what a find!!!)

We also bought some swedish treats and found out that Swedes (at least the IKEA kind) don't appreciate payment in quaters. In our defense it was only $4.

We will go again, but not stay nearly as long. Superman may even be able to stand it. He says they carry Krypton...


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