Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A week or so ago while I was amidst my morning (torture) laps, I realized I needed a better way than my bean to keep track of my laps. I could be on 10 for 6 laps ( if I get into pray or start playing a game to keep me moving) before I realize I'm not on 10.

Another more experienced swimmer had these big nuts on a string. They looked as if they had come from the South Pacific and I wanted some! They were really cool. Anyway, a swimmer who is on the mend made them for her out of a necklace. Perfect! I can do this.

Well I didn't have much moola in the budget for beads ( i want big funky turquoise ones). So Monday as my feet hit the floor I see that some of the chickadees haven't cleaned up after crafting (ahem)... I scurried into the room and found enough beads and string to work for now.

I would prefer to use fishing line, but the beads have worked out great! I did want to mix colors for easier counting, but I was in a hurry.

So here's what I did: A Clear bead (purity) tied to one end and Black (the dark side) tied to the other. (Did I mention we have a Star Wars fan in the house?) The goal is to move everything over to purity. I then put on 30 beads in between.
Each bead signifies 50 yards for a total of 1500 yards! My goal is a mile in 1 hour. So when I make my next one I'll have to add a couple beads. But this works great for now. They lay in a groove on the pool deck and slide easily. Also, it was free and sometimes when it becomes a grandiose project I tend to quit soon after and have feelings of remorse for the money I put into the set up.
So this really works for me! Head over to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family!

Hey if someone else is reading this beside me, I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

I am reading, well actually, I'm delurking. I love learning nw things from you and your family. I am the only SAHM around and your writting makes me feel like there is a friend close by. Thank You.
Kim in TN

Amanda said...

Great idea! I'm not a lap-swimmer, but I can appreciate how well your system would work.

Annie D said...

I just started swimming a couple months ago in preparation for a triathlon and I've been wondering how to keep track of all those laps! thanks for the great idea!