Friday, June 3, 2011

Craft Day

It's time to get crafting! I find that my younger girlies really like to craft almost anything. My older girlies do it with more purpose. They need to be motivated. Hopefully they'll have clutter free homes.

We decided that every Friday would be Craft Day here at our home. Opening the house to friends and practicing a bit of hospitality. This is a very laid back event. Other than the fancy punch bowl and dessert.

What we've made so far: rosettes, rings, headbands and pin cushions. Here's a few pictures of our pin cushions.

Very simple project: Scraps of fabric, elastic, pillow stuffing, needle and thread.

Cut 2 rounds of fabric. One the size of a bowl and the other the size of a drinking glass.

Stitch around each circle on the outer 1/4 inch edge. Make sure you're smiling it makes it more fun! Stuff larger circle with pillow fluff and pull ends of thread together tying it off. At this point I sewed more stitches to make sure it would stay. It doesn't have to be pretty, it won't be seen.

Measure off a piece of elastic that fits nicely on your wrist. Stitch down to the bottom of the ball.

Place other circle that you have pulled together over the elastic and stitched area. Stitch this down to hide your elastic and sewing. You can use hot glue for this portion.

Wala! A wristlet pin cushion. You can even add some oil to the cushion before you close it up for a nice scent. We used Island Delight and Melon.

Many of the girls are making sewing kits with their Mom's. What a nice thing to add.

What are you crafting?

Happy Friday,


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