Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reclaiming the Garden part 2

Ugh! Can I just say it gain? Uuuugghhhh. This what our garden looked like last fall. If you look at the top of the picture you can see the girlies swing set. The "ladies" coop used to be there. We moved it to the back of our garden now that we have more room. (We bought a section that didn't come with our original lot.)

To be fair the area above is so barren because that is where the swimming pool sits. It's back up now but the "ladies" did almost the same thing to the rest of the garden over the winter and spring.

Any ideas on what we should do with this site in the fall? I had planned a fire ring, but I really don't think it will be used much. Still thinking this idea through.

We purchased this fence almost 2 years ago when one of the do-it-yourself stores had them on sale. The ladies love going onto our neighbors property but they also liked to wander up the next street.

We had a long term plan for this fence. We knew eventually our neighbors-to-be were going to want to put up a wood fence and we would share in the cost. So the plan all along was to move this fence up and section off our produce garden and farm from the suburban backyard zone.

Here's the some of the ladies in there farm zone. If you look through the fence you can see how bad the ground looks.

The ladies really like this little run between the garden and a shady, wooded area on the other side. Here's where they enjoy their daily dirt baths and I'm okay with that. In the next couple of weeks when the garden stops producing we will open the gate and they can rummage in the garden. They love cabbages and collards. We grow collards just for them and wow are they still producing!

The garden and farm zone is about 25 x 85 feet. It also houses our new composting center. It's not finished yet. I'll post more when it is.

How do you keep your chickens out of your people areas?


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