Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today over at Smockity Frocks she's asked the question of what mistakes we've learned from in our gardens this year. After you're finished here jump over there and read all the link ups! ( I wish I knew how to put her cute garden picture up.)

The biggest lesson I've learned is that our tomatoes need acid! See look at how gorgeous and green these plants are but there are no blossoms or fruit. I think the problem is this from all the research I've done and the soil testing. I mean we did add about 2500 lbs of composted horse manure last fall. We've large tomato plants and out of the 10 plants we have gotten 2 tomatoes. Ugh! Very frustrating..... We plan on adding lime in the next month or so before fall planting in September. Which is like spring planting for those of you who live up north. Are seasons are fall/winter and winter/spring.

The other thing I noticed today were the blue jays landing in the tomato bushes. I need to find out if they may be eating the blossoms? I thought I saw some but then they were gone.

Anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate some help.



Dena said...

Hi.I love your garden.You said you had the soil tested.How was your calcium level?Your tomato plants will thrive if your level is in the upper range.My suggestion would be to add calcium to see if they perk up.You can do this by getting a box of ordinary powdered milk.Sprinkle it at the base and along your row.You should see an improvement within 48 hours.Hope this helps

momof4sweetsisters said...

Thanks Dena,

I saw some buds this morning and I gave everyone a milk bath. I was ready to pull them out this weekend, but now we'll wait see what happens.