Friday, June 17, 2011

Nifty Thrifty

I've deciced to link up with the Shabby Nest for this post. Read here and fly over and enjoy all the frugality there! I started thinking about this post months ago and have just not gotten around to it. Back in winter sometime our 2nd microwave went on the fritz (we've had 2 in 7 years-different models). Maybe it was due to poor quality or maybe it was because of all the rice bag wraps we were heating up before bed. I tend to think it was the first though.

Our first thought when this happened was google it up and check the best deal on a microwaves. We did and found one for about $160 new from one of the box store. We would have to take the money out of our emergency fund and we were okay with that. I mean not having a microwave is an emergency in the biggest way! Right?

Uh, no. I'll admit for about 5 minutes or so it was (ya know when we were googling). But then I decided to try and live without a micro. for a week and see how we did. The week turned into two and I started thinking of ways to use that area are above the stove. A cookbook shelf?

After a couple of weeks I soon realized that I liked the: light over the stove, the exhaust fans and the timer. So a shelf wouldn't cut it. I also was missing the conveinvence of defrost. Defrost means I don't have to plan meals in advance. I'm not big into planning that area of my life right now.

I also didn't like to heat up the big ovens to reheat 2 slices of pizza! But that thought didn't out weigh the feeling I always had when the micro. was on and radiating into my head while I was cooking at the stove. This in actuality may or may not be true, but it's how I felt.

Then Superman came to the rescue! He remembered the Little Chef had been using his 20 year on the job gift/ easy bake oven aka toaster oven. It was sitting in the small pantry while not in use. He checked it out and it fit :)

So for now we have the benefits of both. All my lights, fans, timers and pretty crispy quick reheatablity. The only thing lacking is defrost. It's been almost 6 months and I've learned to do without. I would still like it though and I'm looking into convection ovens for the spot. But we are good for now :)

Pretty thrifty/frugal i'd say!

Do you have any nifty frugal ideas to share?


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