Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reclaiming the Garden project 1

I really enjoy how the English use the English language. My favorite right now is the use of the word garden. It sounds so much prettier than backyard, although I do like a good back yard

If any of you have chickens and live in the city or suburbs you know that they pretty much take up all of your garden space. They love to hunt frogs and lizards, scratch for bugs, worms and dig holes. Oh no one told you of the holes they dig? That's so they can lounge in a refreshing dirt bath. Yah. Know one prepared me for that part. Consider yourself warned if thinking cute fuzzy chicks.

In all seriousness we love our girls (the hens and the girlies that live in the house). I just have gotten soooo tired of walking out onto the back deck or anywhere else in the garden and stepping in slimmy poo.

So this will be the first installment of taking the garden back.

Superman (remember the guy and his shirt from yesterday?) built and put this screened room up for me two Mother's Day ago. He did it so I could enjoy the "ladies" in the garden and the girlies in the pool without being eaten alive by mosquitoes. No "ladies" are allowed in the screened room. Believe me they try!

Here is our effort at making a shabby candlier. Pretty shabby. I thought there would be a patina on the copper by now. The jam jars look beautiful all lite up at not and the candlier looks 100% better at dusk :)

Here is our old plastic Adirondack chairs that are on their last legs, but still functional. The past six or so years I've been giving them a new coat of paint each spring.

This year Superman requested a place to really relax. We searched high and low for a black daybed frame we had been holding onto for this project. We finally realized we sold it in a garage sale last fall thinking we would never get to it. So we made do with a bed frame and bed risers all painted black. We splurged on a semi water proof bunky mattress and I used table cloths for the cover and pillows throughout the room.

We popped a round circle of plywood on the fire pit (which we don't use in the room). A big raspberry candle for weight.

This a candle lamp we made our second trip as a family to the mountains. UG was itty bitty and our only girlie back then. She collected all the river rocks...

So here's a first look at we are doing to live in happiness with our wonderful chickens. It may take quite awhile for our garden to come back to life. I'm sure hoping it's sooner than later.

How does your garden grow?


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tl6869 said...

That's a really creative way to have a space that's free from chicken poo. :-)
You've created a really neat "get away" place. I especially liked the candilier.