Monday, July 28, 2008


Just a quick note of a wonderful blessing that fell upon my eldest chick. Last week she was asked to participate in a shopping excursion by our Pastor's wife. The trip was to buy back-to-school outfits for children in our community. So about 10 of our teens/young adults and Miss Becky hit the Target Superstore. Each was given anywhere from 9 to 15 paper bags with the name, size of the child/teen they were buying for and how many outfits to pick out (2 or 3), including shoes. My chickadee had about 14 bags throughout the 4 hours and was completely wiped out when she arrived home! BUT she was so excited about all the wonderful things she had chosen for each person and so wanted them to be more than pleased with what she found. Even though she could not personally afford to buy all those clothes - she gave of her time, love, and creativity to be part of a blessing to someone else. She in return is seeing where she can do things in a small, but tangible way that will show her love and ultimately the Fathers. Of course not all blessings are as fun as this one (believe me she knows that)! But even this one can bring up feelings of have and have nots. She's learning so much!

Her giving and receiving of this gift was a blessing to me also..... We really never truly know how many people we can touch with a bit of unselfish love.

I'm really done.....I usually don't express what I'm feeling because it doesn't come out near as well as I'm feeling it.....I hope you understand?


shekinahhvac said...

hello there, wow, I miss catching up with you. After nursing back hubby after his teeth, I cleaned out our pool, worked on different home projects, trying to pull all homeschooling together, as well as advertising and pulling together a car show for our church.

I enjoyed this last post, what a blessing.

I will catch up with you soon, I am doing child care this week, so I only have a few spare minutes.

shekinahhvac said...

WooHoo! school. We started our reading, and journaling last week.
The church thing will go well, this is our 6th year at this. We do it as a fund-raiser to gather back packs and school supplies for ommunity kids. It is a huge outreach in our community.
I am off to take my girls and my 2 daycare kids to a free movie today.


danette said...

Where did you find the girls boots so cheap????