Friday, July 18, 2008

Frugal Friday

Frugal or not so Frugal? You make the call!

Do you ever get to the place where you're ALWAYS wearing a banana clip in your hair and your feeling kinda hagged out like an Old Fish Wife? (no offense to any ladies out there!) I mean just put me in some Wellies and give me a Mackerel!


Last night my 2 older chickadees and I tried a night out at the local Beauty College. We had a great time! Normally I cut every one's hair but sometimes you have to splurge. Trying to become and stay debt free,Superman and I usually get family haircuts. So this was nice,pampering and helped the students out. We each got shampoos, cuts and styles for $8. That is alot right now, but so worth it! My oldest chick paid her own way. I'm so proud of her! ($8 is really good, with coupon the a "dry cut" around here is $10) Most of my friends pay between $35 to $45 for what we got for $8.

The other nice thing about the beauty school is that the Head Instructor checks the haircut! Mine needed a little "tweeking" and looks great! You also spend a bit more time getting pampered as compared to the other salons. The students want it to be perfect!

So when we need another splurge we're heading back for pedicures. I've only had 1 other professional one done in my life.So it should be a real treat! But for now I won't feel so guilty getting my hair done every 8 weeks or so.


Brooke said...

that's great that you allow yourself a treat like that on occasion. it makes the frugal life a little easier if you can splurg on occasion

shekinahhvac said...

woohoo! I am happy you and the chicks got to go. How fun for you and the girls.
the boots below are so cute too.

sorry I didn't get back sooner, hubby had 2 teeth pulled. I had to take care of him.

Hubby is all for the homeschooling, I am blessed there. I did garden this year, but my goats got loose and ate it all. I think I have a few tomatoes left. We like to bake here as well, oldest daughter is so good at it. She has a sweet tooth just like her dad.

We like movies too. although only 1 girl will watch Jane Austin movies with me. But, we do take in an array of movies. Hubby always falls asleep during them, but me and the girlies enjoy them.

I gotta start dinner. I'll get back to you soon.