Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works - For - Me Wednesday!

Today is Works-For-Me Wednesday!
I haven't figured out how to put the button up, but Rocks in My Dryer is listed in my Friends and Interest. So go over and click when your done here!

Now to our boots! These little babies are so cute and a "steal" on clearance! Okay, maybe not a "steal" when your investing in 5 pairs! But they are just marvelous for the garden. At home and at 4-H we have a rule of no open shoes. So if you wear crocs;, which we normally do, then you would have to put socks on!
Even though I L.O.V.E. my homemade laundry soap, I would need a wash board and bristle brush to get the stains out of those socks! So for $3.74 these cuties Really work for me!

Have a Great Evening!

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