Monday, July 7, 2008

Boo Boo's on the 4Th

Independence Day signifies the closing of summer for our family. While most families summer's are gearing up, we are getting ready to crack the books. Although this year I'm not quite ready. We have a couple of weeks left and it feels like I have a lot to do. I think that just because they are task that I don't enjoy. I really hate plunking all the data for the school year into the computer. I promise we're learning. Do I really need to have book keeping proof?

On to more fun topics...

This year we decided to take action and make a Independence Day 1st Aid kit. It worked, only 2 bandages were needed. Last year we had so many booboo's!
Here's one of the chicks with Grammy. Look at that yummy blueberry pie. It was from our blueberry picking a couple of months ago. It was soooo tasty Grammy!

And finally a yummy cookie cake our oldest chick decorated! Fireworks and everything.

We had a wonderful talent show put on by all the children, homemade slip and slide, croquet, horseshoes, and swimming for our littler guest and of course a fab display of fireworks put on by the city just outside our backdoor! It was a nice day.

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Toni said...

Hey has been awhile since I have been on your blog. What a treat to catch up. I am amazed with all you do and admire you so much. What a testimony to God's presence in your life the way you serve your family and are training your daughters. I have much to learn! Blessings to you and your household. Love ya, Toni