Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frugal Friday!

Veg Co-op & Financial Update

Looking back at June..........Hmmmm. We stayed in budget, but I feel VERY impatient! I like to get things done and fast! (I've known this about myself for years, and usually by day 2 or 3 I figure out I need to run to my Heavenly Father and place it all with Him) So needless to say I've been having to stave off many a pity party and I haven't been to happy with Dave R. (like he really has anything to do with it).

We did make some good progress in power dept. We have had one of our lowest energy bills for the summertime in years. Usually we would be at $240 by now and we came in at $181 for the month of June.
- We turned A/C to 80 and turned it up to 85 when leaving for more than 2 hours.
-We hung all laundry in laundry room except for undies, towels, jeans (1/2 dryer time)
-Turn off fans and lights when they are not in use.
That's it!

We also tried to make the gas stretch. We each only filled up once and Superman started riding his bike to work! He's feeling good again.

So the extra money went to teeth. This must be the year for them, last year it was eyes!

Felt the grocery crunch here this past month. Combated it by trying a Veggie Co-op. Boy! Did we make out well! I spent $22.50. Ten of which was for a kitchen basket.

For that $10 we got: ( DRUM ROLL PLEASE!)
5 1/4 # plums
1 1/2 # spinach
3 head romaine (huge)
3 1/2# red peppers (6)
1bag org. salad mix
1bag org. spinach
2 small broccoli
4 big bunches scallions
2 cucs
wheat grass
1 box crimini mushrooms
10oz. bag broccoli and carrots
2lbs apples
6 1/2 # tomatoes
6 # bananas
5 boxes blackberries
3 HUGE diakon radishes (made great "potatoe " pancakes!)

All for $10 and All Organic. Most things needed to be used with in the week and we used them! I made blackberry syrup. Yummy!

We also got our backyard ready for a fall garden! I'll post pics later. So if someone does decide they want to buy our beautiful home, they'll get a great garden to boot!

We are slowly bringing the debt down.
Still need to get our wills made and some other items that took a backseat to the dentist. We had a car go. So we have some decisions to make there. It was the one with the better mileage but it didn't seat all of us. So we're not sure what to do about it yet. So we'll keep praying and I know He will take care of us!


Audra Krell said...

Appreciate your honesty on the debt, way to go on whittling it down! We need to make our wills too, why is so darn daunting?

Elizabeth said...

We are just starting a budget now that we moved to a small town with a small town income... and big city bills still lingering around to pay! It's tough but there's some kind of strength that grows with frugality. WTG on your veggie shopping!!