Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Monday!

Beautify your Home! I think Lots of color helps!

Well let me just start off with a re-cap of last week. I was literally going crazy trying to input every one's school plans into the computer. Freaking out about not getting 4th chickadee's b-day gift started sooner (thrift store find, wooden stove and fridge- more when complete)! When Superman and I were taking a break (after me growling at my chicks all day for quiet). Yes, we sat on the front porch; candles lit, (citronella of course!) chatting about the day (me feeling horrible about my behavior)and the rest of the months activities when he says... "Babe, I don't know what the trouble is... August doesn't start for another 2 1/2 weeks." I said,"No way"!!! I was dumbfounded with delight (is that possible?). Yes, my friends I had been shorting myself a week of summer!!!! Can you believe it? Yes, I have a day planner. Yes, I'm pretty sure I had used it recently. Yes, I'm using "YES" way to much!

Needless to say I amended my ways with my chicks and finished knowing I had gobs of time left.......when all-of-the-sudden I got to Apologia Biology! With this book I have to go through and really break it down to make sure it fits our time frame. Well I'm happily plugging along in Module 2 on page 50 when the book skips right to page 89.I was soooooo close to being done, but no cigar! Half of module 2 and 3 are missing. So I packed it up, got my house (which by this point looked like a disaster zone) in order and took the chickadees swimming! Thank you Debbie and Eric! What refreshing a time.

Our front entry

Over at

It's Making Your Home a Haven:Take time to beautify!

I really like a welcoming front porch and I like to change it out with the seasons.

Little flags really spruce things up.
Today I'm going to:

*Pray - Yes, Yes, Yes!
*Read the Word - Yes!
*Start black beans for dinner - Oops! right now!
*Head out to mow the lawn for Superman (semi-surprise for him) so he won't have to do it later in the heat, after work. - Yes, Yes, Yes 3 hours worth! A portion of the backyard and garden.

*Laundry - Yes in process!
*Assist eldest chick in bread making - Yes
*Work on crafts with my chicks and listen to music
*Take pics of newly planted flowers and front porch (hopefully I'll post them today) - Yes

***Relax with Superman on porch! He has so much valuable wisdom to share. Praise the Lord he was made for me!

An old little table I got for $2 about 10 years ago. It has been used everywhere in our home. The little flowers were actually baby shower favors!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post. I surprised my husband a few weeks back and mowed the lawn. But I did it in the afternoon (nap time) it gave me a new appreciation of the yard work he does in the summer. I was so sick from the heat I got sick in the yard afterwards. Praise the Lord for hubby's!

Western Warmth said...

Enjoyed your post. Your home is so beautiful!

BarbaraLee said...

You place looks relaxing & inviting. Love the colors.

Renee said...

Your outside looks so warm,and inviting! It sends the message for people to stay for awhile for lemonade.

Glad I came by from the Nest!


The Nester said...

Your house looks sparkling clean and inviting and the yard is to die for! I love the DR ELP's and that's who we use for our insurance!

If there is anything your realtor mentioned that you might want to do, you could consider that. If it's priced right, clean and not across the street from a bar this house should sell.

Do you have indoor pets? Hide the bowl clean like there's no tomorrow. Go ahead and pack small items. i've heard it said that you shouldn't have anything out smaller than a football when staging your house. Not a hard and fast rule but something to think about.

I love to have fresh pineapple--not cut just the pretty pineapple and artichokes and french bread sitting out in the kitchen just for looks.

Leave the blinds open, light on. Take kids artwork off the walls unless it's framed. Is there anything left undone? Holes or stains in the carpet? fixtures that need replaced?

Does your kitchen look dated? Is it neutral? Cut flowers, expensive soaps and a big cutting board are all things you can take with you when you move but they give the kitchen a feeling of luxuary.

What about spending $150 on a new nice kitchen faucet and another $150 on a great chandelier with shades hung over the table? I know it's hard to spend $$ but, it's worth it when it sells!

Good luck. Hate me for writing so much!