Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Works For me Wednesday!
I really tried to get the logo up.....I need picture instructions!

Okay, real quick this what I like......

I know what you're thinking,"a yucky old bucket....hmm". Now picture with me (if you will) all the uses for this baby! Soaking unmentionables until laundry day, kitchen composter, wash rag soaker, snake catcher. Oh yeah, and what it was originally sold as... a paint bucket! Seriously, I love it for it's lid! It keeps smells in and vinegar water from spilling on my counters. I bought this beauty 2 years ago and finally found it's twin a couple of weeks ago. You don't know how thrilled I was!!!!


How I have come to appreciate my vitamin holder! Actually I got 2 for free for walking into the grocey store. So I have one for a.m. and p.m. I'm pretty lazy and didn't want to have to deal with all those bottles in the morning! So I fill once a week and it's so much easier on my brain when I have forgotten where I left it!

Does anyone else use these items? I'd also like some Bible journaling tips if anyone has any!


Anonymous said...

OK Where did you get the bucket? I want one. There is a bible journal WWFM entry at

Anonymous said...

I really need one of those buckets! That would be awesome to keep in the kitchen to take to the compost pile.