Monday, November 24, 2008

Look What We Got!

Well here they are!!!! Can ya hear the excitement? Fannie and Gertrude. Gert is the darker of the two.

After church yesterday, Miss Sandy brought them with the little girls - Puffy, Fluffy, Lucy and Princess Leah. My camera went dead.......Oh Superman you know what I need............. I post some of the little girls later. Here's what we got the this morning! Out of focus due to a 6 year old digital camera that eats batteries (hint hint).

But I know you all know what eggs look like. I just can't believe they came from our backyard!

The silkies won't lay for a bit longer. They were born in August where as the big girls were born in June.

I can't believe we have them! I've been wanting them for about 5 years and here they are! Yippee!

We've had a very busy weekend. The chickadees had a birthday party weenie roast, building the coop and Grammy's birthday celebration (with chicken holding). I'm so glad there is NO SCHOOL today.

I've made polish dill pickles (the girls ((chickens)) enjoyed the cuke tops and bottoms). I started with 8 jars but 3 cracked in the caner (bummer). I was able to save them and did refrigerator pickles. This is my 1st time trying polish, so I hope they are tasty. I put a bit of crushed red pepper flakes and lots of garlic.Yummy!!

Well here they are. I bathed them for 10 minutes hoping to keep some of there crunch. I've made other varieties where I've let them go 20 minutes and the are so limp.

In other news. The weather as been so lovely, although not so great for most of our garden. Alot of the plants are in distress because the temps have been going so low. So I'll be really be surprised if we get much of a yield before it gets colder. We usually don't have these temps consistently until January.

Oh well, I love being snuggled under the blankets and having fires!

Have a Beautiful Day!



smalltowngirl said...

I know you are excited to have your chickens! That's so great! I'm thinking that mine should be laying sometime in Dec.. Can't wait. I've been saving egg cartons to put the eggs in. I'll have to give some away...14 hens hopefully means lots of eggs :)

Mine won't come out in the snow. One rooster did but no one would join him so he went back inside. Oh well.

the pickles look good. my dad made some and he said that they were too limp. we'll have to try a shorter time next time.

Tricia Anne said...

Don't you just love having chickens? It was always my dream! We have four we fondly call "The Girls" and my husband wants to build another pen soon so we can get 4 more baby chicks. :o) Oh I wish I could can! I have only made jelly (once). We are going to try our hands at a bigger garden this spring (meaning, more than just tomatoes in
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne