Friday, November 14, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven: Day 5

Good morning. This was rather a hectic week here but I need some accountability so I'll be posting what I hope to accomplish! It would be soooooooo easy to just call it craft day!

-Bible and song
- math and spelling tests
-water garden
-clean master bedroom (never got to it)
-clean master bath (yikes!)
-apple granola?
-milk pick up and pumpkin bread delivery
-oversee pumpkin bread making
-dust and vacuum living room
-older chicks to Bright Lights
-chili dog dinner for Superman and youngers
-oversee painting of the inside of chicken house- younger chickadees
-Craft till I drop night!

I really need to get these things done. It's been hard with being in a unsettling time in our lives... I really can't discuss it now, but some days it does get the better of me. I've been in much prayer and am having difficulty with patience.....just when I think I've conquered it!

Sometimes just doing what needs to be done and concentrating on that brings me to a place of great thanksgiving. Does that make sense? I guess I'm trying to say...there's always some aspect of life that I can lift up in Thanksgiving.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you're going through, but I know in my life right now I'm wishing things were 'normal' again- praying!

Tina said...

It does make sense. Sometimes the only peace to have is accomplishing daily tasks b/c the big picture is out of your (my) control. I have learned (although often forget) to find peace in the little things like finishing that load of laundry or cleaning my room. At the end of the day I can be unhappy about what I didn't do, or move ahead tomorrow, knowing I have another opportunity to get That Thing done mercy's every morning to you dear friend. :)