Monday, November 10, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven Week

Well, I'm of to a rather poor start! I went to bed very late last night (we watched the movie Luther) thinking of all I needed to do today. As I was praying and drifting of to sleep I kept saying I needed to make a list of what is coming up. I seem to have lost my organizational zeal... If you come across it, I really need it back!

Anyway... Up with a start! Superman caught some krypton which kept him home from work today. So we all over sleep...isn't it the weekend when he is home?

Okay up... Music and Bible with the girls
Apple granola in dehydrator
4 loads of laundry hung/ dried/ folded
water the garden
school chickadees
give counsel when needed to older chicks (youngest in with Superman doctoring him)
make list (should have happened sooner, but it happened)
chicken to boil for soup
take chicks to buy pumpkin bread supplies
work on Christmas gifts
spend some time with Superman

Unfortunately I didn't keep my self control about me. I've really been trying to work on this.
I also feel really pressured by so many projects looming that it makes me want curl up and be left alone (not a good place to be with children about!). Writing the list today did not help as I thought it would. I need to go to the Book. Read and listen, listen, and listen.

Check out the Home Spun Heart when you have a chance. She's doing a whole week on making your home a haven.


smalltowngirl said...

wow! That's quite a list! I'm all about lists too. i think i make one everyday. But don't get discouraged. just keep going until you get it done. It may not all be today but one day it'll get done. Don't add so much to make yourself stressed :)

thehomespunheart said...

Lists aren't for everyone - if it doesn't work for you, just try something else. I trust that God will show you what is best for your family!