Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weenie Roast!

Well with school being out for us this week I'm getting a little more time on the blog. I do need to get back to crafting ASAP! I'm so glad I'm not in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year. One of the chicks went and helped Grammy chop and dice all the veggies. They also had a potato peeling contest with Mike.

But the real reason I'm here..... I wanted to show off some of the Weenie/Marshmallow Roast pics. Two of our daughters birthdays fall during the heavy Christmas season and many years get gypped on a friend party. So we moved their b-days up a month and a party happens! Not every year. I shoot for every other. Anyways, on to the pics!
Before the party night the chickadees and I came up with a fun games list.
Candy Corn Relay, Popcorn Relay, Blindfold Doughnut Contest, 3 Legged Marshmallow Race, Apple Relay, and Bobbing for Marshmallows! (yes i realize they all involve food- that's what made it extra fun!)
Before the children arrived we made up huge events and team signs (i chose the teams before they came).
We also made sit upons as the guest were arriving. I 1st made these when I was a Brownie back in the 1900's. You take wallpaper, newspaper and twine. They are great for keeping your toushie dry and warm from the ground while roasting! The boys just loved that I used the word toushie and made sure to incorporate it into their names on their own sit upons! I was surprised at how well this activity was received by everyone. I was way to busy to get pics. I'm so glad I cut and punched holes in the wallpaper ahead of time!
On to the races! 3 candy corns on spoon, see how many you can get in your teams bowl. The Raccoons and Foxes.
The little chef!
The Raccoons Team Bowl
On to doughnut eating! Of course this was big hit! One of the
Birthday girls. Do you see her little Yoda? I bet you can't guess what she named her
chicken??? Princess Leah!!!!
(hey it's better than one of my grandchildren being named that!)
The boys just lov'in it!
Popcorn anyone? Have team member fill up your popcorn shoes
and see how much makes it into the bowl at the other end!
This was the weirdest, but most fun. Float a bunch of mini marshmallows and have to suck them out with a straw. You were supposed to keep hands behind back.....but who cares! The kids just keep lining up over and over to take turns! Bobbing for Marshmallows
So serious! She must be an expert in this field! I will say it was hysterical when the kids sucked up water instead of marshmallows! Yukaroo!
Even my oldest chick got involved. She was a great help that night! Thanks sweetie!
Time to relax before Flashlight Tag! I was wiped out by this point......... Thank you to my friend Debbie who hung around! I couldn't have done it without you. You deserve a BIG REWARD! Look at the blaze Superman had going.
Miss Fran and Superman roasting and keeping warm. (Miss Fran was my prayer partner back
in my late teens before Superman.)
And what Fall Weenie Roast would be complete with out our Famous 4 Sweet Sisters Pumpkin Bread? I did them to look like cup cakes. We sang Happy Birthday over S'mores!

I was completely wiped out! But it was great the Birthday Chicks were so happy and that made me happy! We did all this for about $60 including sit upons, flashlights, goodie bags, dinner for 25. We used what we had around the house and got "free stuff for signs at Sams". It was great fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so amazing. That fire looks great, like a pro did it. Can't wait to see your next post.

LovingLegacy said...

so cute! the kids had an absolute blast. thank you for not just a celebration of your girls, but a super-fun night for all involved!

hugs. can't wait for our "princess" dates!

smalltowngirl said...

guess what???? we have eggs! It's so exciting! :)