Monday, May 18, 2009

Coupons & Silkies

It's been raining here! It feels like spring again. I actually turned off the air. I know I'll be turning back on soon but to feel cool 60 degree weather at night! Ahhhhhhhh ;)

Since it's raining, Urban Girl is feeling quite sorry for our Silkies. She said they were so wet and needed her help. So later I find out that she has enlisted her younger sisters to help. She set up a drying station on our front porch and used her hair dryer to dry the chickens! I heard they loved it and were very relaxed. 4 Sweet Sistes Chicken Spa!

They actually looked quite nice and fluffy when I took a look later.


Yesterday, while I was looking at all of the coupons the Little Chef came to me and needed scissors to help clip. So I of course took out the ones that I needed and let her have them. Superman was going through her pile of coupons and found a $5 off of a bottle of Whiskey. Anyone else clip that one out?

In these two funny incidents I can see my beautiful daughters growing into the young women the Lord wants them to be.

Hey, remember you can always make your own Vanilla with that whiskey that's on sale!


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LovingLegacy said...

you wanna tell me how to make vanilla with a giant bottle of pineapple vodka? it's a long story... and the chicken spa story is crackin' me up!