Monday, May 11, 2009


Gifts can mean so many different things to different people. Some think of the fruits of the Spirit or the specific gifts that the Lord gives to each one of us that makes us uniquely different. Other times we may think of monetary gifts, useful gifts, impractical, but oh so fun gifts and even crazy outlandish gifts. Like that crazy claw that massaged your scalp! I think it was called the Octopus.

Some of my favorite gifts are the unexpected from children. They want to give with all of their hearts and they usually don't have the means to buy you what they want to give. That can be a really good thing!

My little Chef was very cute this Mother's Day and so very excited about the day. She had a count down going on like it was her Birthday or Christmas. Anyway, yesterday she skipped into my room with a card she picked out for me!

The day before we had been shopping everywhere for a new washer and dryer (thank you rainy day fund). While we were out she found something that captured her heart. A brochure for Sile Stone counter tops. She brought home (un be known to Superman ) the lovely brochure that had a baby crawling across the floor. So yesterday she presented it to me. She was all about that little baby and here name which she had written above the picture! (this is one card/brochure that goes in the memory chest)

Later on at church, the Pastor asked for all the Moms to stand up. The Little Chef stood up along side of me. She then reminded me that she to is a mother of Baby Julie and Baby Tinkles A Lot.

And lastly, at my Parent's house she gave me a gift bag sewn out of strawberry fabric (strawberry picking is always a happy time) and inside was a BIG pipe cleaner ring!

So from my littlest I received her joy of being a child and learning from me to take care of her babies, a new handbag (she knows I really like purses) and something sparkly but oh so practical. Pipe cleaners can be reformed to make knew rings and have so many other wonderful uses. She learning to be thrifty and practical (heeheehee), but most importantly how to love!

I Love Being A Mom and I So Thankful and Blessed with My 4 Sweet Gifts....



Tami said...

You are a wonderful mom!

Lora said...

Happy Mother's Day! Check out my blog- I gave you an award :)