Wednesday, May 13, 2009


At last! Yes, it is raining here in our little part of the world. Our neighborhood has been without for apx 2 months. We had nothing to wash all that nasty pollen away! But tonight, as we sat in church it came down. I wanted to run outside to play and dance! It's still raining...thank you Lord. I didn't realize how much I take those little droplets of refreshment for granted, until they were gone for so long...
So it's been a couple of days. I thought I show you a bit of what we have been up too!

Nothing like a little birdie whistling in a pie. School Girl whipped this tasty apple pie up last night! Gotta love homemade apple filing, so nice to have it on the shelf for whenever.

Here's the older two chickadees dismantling our washer and dryer........

Homeschooling at it's finest. School Girl has been itching to get mechanical. They put them all back together and they work great! ;) I'll post about my new best friends at a later date.

And last but not least. Tea Wallets are great Mother's Day gift.

Everyone seemed pleased with these little cuties.

They are really easy and would be a great starter project if your interested in machine sewing. Go here for a nice tutorial. Here's the little card I made up to go inside just in case the recipients didn't know what they were for! These would also be great if you were giving a couple of gift cards.

So that's a bit of what's happening. We are planning on canning pears tomorrow. If I don't blow up the kitchen I'll post some pics!




Tami said...

super cute (tea holders)! Yes, we were very happy with the rain.....yeah!!!!

lizzz said...

the tea walets are so cute... Oh your daters hands must hert from the drier. love Lizz