Monday, May 18, 2009


jalapenos... o how i love thee...
deep, dark green with a crispy crunch
fragrance so rare that a grown woman cries
oil so intense that it burns at the touch
spice so intense that the tongue doth water
jalapenos! jalapenos!! Why do I suffer?
Okay, so I was using the term "love" loosely here. On Saturday we went blueberry picking and processed 24 pounds of berries!!! We also went to my favorite veggie drive thru. I got cantaloupes for 50 cents, a HUGE watermelon, 25 pounds of tomatoes and 31 pounds of jalapenos! (I split the peppers with another fanatic. Actually she is worse than me!)
Last night I was making up some poppers for dinner. (I wear protective gloves when deseeding.) Well wouldn't you know it... jalapenos juice spurted up and hit me in the eye! Not good...really not good:(
I spent the next 10 minutes doing a cold water eye flush. Need I say more. Superman then brought up a pair of protective eye gear.
What I have to do for my tasty treats! Here's my jalapeno friend's recipe. You'll also see my salsa recipes if you want to give them a try!
In the next day or so I'll be posting on all those berries and jam. I do hope you'll come by.
What's your favorite "new" food?


Lora said...

Can you repost the link for the receipe? I couldnt get it to work.

Funchaosx4 said...

OK, so you have to share where the drive thru veggie place in!!! I wanna go!!!! We only did 8lbs of blueberries, wasn't sure how much I needed/wanted, quickly realized I got nowhere near enough...oh well! We bought a couple plants though, have you guys done that?