Friday, May 8, 2009

Pretty Jars

Welcome to another Frugal Friday!
This is Urban Girl's idea of helping me out with my head cold... cute...very cute. Now watch, someone will put a patent on it! Is it more frugal to use toilet paper or tissues?

Here's my frugal tip for the week. Please excuse my photos...I'm sick.

I really like glass covered dishes and even decanters, but I really didn't have a purpose for them until a couple of years ago. Now I use them in our master bath and maybe when the chickadees are quite a bit older I'll let them use them.

This one is for baking soda (teeth and hair). For teeth I mix it with a bit of tooth paste.

See how pretty it looks. The others are for sea salt and plaque rinse (which looks pretty gross in this picture).

Here are some old mirror trays that Superman hung on the wall over the tub and just below is another glass dish being re purposed for tub items.

It used to hold salt until I broke the lid. So my Bocia gave me a cute sugar bowl that I also shattered the 1st week I had it. Which leads me back to being careful and only using it in the Master Bath at this point.
Have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend! Get out there and re purpose something:)
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Schilinski Clan said...

So how do you get your comments to be on the same page as the blog? I've searched in my blog and can't figure it out... help me!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Very cute! I like to collect various kinds of glass bottles and such but never know what to do with them other than displaying them in the kitchen. I love them in the bath!