Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm not feeling to "frugal " this Friday, but I did want to let you know about the online Make it Lovely Conference from the Girlhood Home Companion. My older chicks have been having a nice time talking with other girls about God's grace, organic gardening, and (today) starting your own business. Very neat! You can get more info here at Remembrance Press with Jill Novak.

As promised I said I would post a picture or two of yesterdays work. We made 19 quarts of pears and a 2 1/2 quarts (6 pints) of pear butter.

This apx 36 pounds of pears!

Here's the cost breakdown. I don't count jars because I reuse them from year to year. There was a $3 off of Kerr and Ball jars in the paper a couple of weeks back. So I did invest in some new wide mouth jars. Great for fruits and pickles. Really just about anything, although I do like salsa made in the smaller mouthed jars.( It's easier to pour. )

Back to the break down:

36# Organic pears $29.80 about 83 cents per pound.

8 cups organic sugar $8

water - free

That's it! It cost about $1.51 per jar. That's pretty good for organic! Our grocery just put regular pears on sale for 79 cents a pound, but for 4 cents more a pound it was worth it to go organic!

If you can get a hold of fruit cheaper, which I'm sure many of you can. Then I would give canning a try. Start small. I started about 13 years ago with just strawberry jam. I wanted to make a low sugar recipe and know what my young ladies were eating. I like that I control the ingredients! Also make sure you can in season!

Just start somewhere! You don't have to can a years worth, start small.

For more great tips check out Life as Mom for Frugal Friday ideas!


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Kim from TN said...

I'm delurking. I'm Kim from TN. Is there any book or resources that you would suggest for someone who is absolutly clueless about canning but very willing to try? What do you need to start?