Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to School!

Hi there! I just wanted to do a quick post because it's been so crazy around here!

We are back to school. Yippee!! You would think after 10 years of this I would have a handle on everything and it would be a breeze...wouldn't you? But alas.... I don't. I am getting much better and around the time our 3rd or 4th is to graduate I should have it down pat. We have always homeschooled (yes, there were years when I begged Superman to let me send them! I just didn't think I had what it takes to do this). The funny thing is; that I was the one who suggested we home educate our children, before the 1st was even born (1993). When most people hadn't a clue of what it was, how to get started, and by the way don't those creepy parents over there subject their children to that kind of torture? Yes, I had NO idea how the Lord would change my life, all our lives through this one decision! I'm so glad I listened and my husband did also.

Truthfully speaking , I don't feel so "glad" today ( not to be confused with blessed, because I still feel that). It's ALL ME! Let me just say that from the get go. I would love to whine and complain about the pains of birthing a new year! But I won't, as I think you all have some clue. I have had a very selfish, rebellious spirit the last couple of weeks. I've realized over the past couple of years that it is better for all of us to have a 2 month summer. Around the end of the 2nd month, boredom sets in. This year we even continued with reading projects etc. The chickadees enjoyed it more and I felt they learned more. I enjoyed "free time", which ultimately led me too my Pity Party of having to start school!

I also had gotten way off a good sleeping schedule and even managed to put a large amount of the weight I was taking off, back on. My time with the Lord had been REALLY suffering and I was spiraling out of control. Superman said on more than one occasion what I needed to do to fix certain things (thank you honey). I thought I was heeding his words but I wasn't. So now, here I am flat on my face, asking for forgiveness and starting a new. I'm so overwhelmed and grateful for a Savior who will forgive me, pick me up, hug me tight and start me on the track again!

I've been back on a great sleeping schedule again, which has made a tremendous difference. Working on the pity part of wanting more "free time" and slowly working on the weight. Not expecting what I think "others" (outside of husband and children) expect of me. I've worked on these areas before, but I liken it to scripture. You read a passage and it helps you in that season. When you come back to it years later it helps you again but in a different way, maybe even deeper. So I'm digging. I still have some of the same issues I had years ago; just not as big, but there is still more to get rid of.

The one HUGE issue I have been dealing with for YEARS is patience. I"m talking about the frustration with reading or expecting the chicks to "get it" 4th time around. I feel like I haven't learned at all what I need too! It still creates anger and sadness when I want to create a happy, creative, loving atmosphere to learn and live in. But I know my Father will not forsake me. He wants me to succeed for His glory! I want to do all things that are honoring and pleasing to Him!

Again, I feel we are deeply blessed to be Home Educators of our brood. Just some days get the better of me!

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