Thursday, August 28, 2008

Plum Jam

Good Afternoon! I just wanted to Thank my Lord publicly for the great bounty He is supplying for our household. All this for $10! What a wonderful blessing.

Oh, here's one of that cute little chef! What will she make today? PB& Apples!

Gotta run...I'm making plum and raspberry jams. What are you up to today? Leave some love if you have a moment.

Hope to get a new camera with some good deals coming in the next couple of months.


Tami said...

Remember me? Twigs?? Looks amazing. Where did you get all that for 10 bucks?? sweet blog...

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Tammy's Recipes and have to say that I'm impressed with that bounty for $10! I've been feeling pretty good about some deals I've recently gotten-like $1 a pound for organic zucchini and organic plums, but I have to say that it seems like peanuts in comparision to your haul. :-)
Thanks for sharing your blessing.